We are integrating and refining the latest technologies into immersive content,
aiming to build technological competitiveness for a new dimension of content
that will become a global standard.

Technology Patent

Acquisition of technology patents related to the key technologies
for the production and commercialization of S3D VR.

Proven through commercialization experience, VENTA VR's proprietary technological prowess

Multi-VR Viewing System

A method and system for managing
VR video to allow multiple users
to watch simultaneously

Patent No. 10-2404623

S3D VR Video
filming Technology

Stereoscopic camera Rig
device for video filming

Patent No. 10-2404624

8K 3D VR Live Solution

Video Stitching Method and
System for Real-time 3D VR
Video Broadcasting

Patent No. 10-2455716

Metaverse Production

Method and System for 3D Modeling
Conversion for Metaverse Implementation
Based on Actual Photographs

Patent No. 10-2475520

8K S3D Production

The difference in immersion is attributed to the variance
in S3D technological capabilities.

The sole company in South Korea that perfectly implements S3D technology

Strengths 01

Through close-up
shooting technology

VR video production without visual fatigue

Proximity shooting and staging
enabled through 3D VR motion
sickness reduction technology

Strengths 02

Precision attachment
work and

S3D Stabilization System

Core technologies of VR Stitching
and Stereoscopic Correction
(Fatigue-free VR Content Production)

Strengths 03

Immersive VR content
+ High Frame Rate

In-house developed 3D VR RIG
and high-quality filming
with cinema-grade cameras

Strengths 04

Experience in producing over
2,000 VR video contents

Distinctive know-how

Possessing a high understanding
of VR and production skills through
the largest-scale productions
domestically and internationally

Creating content that is more lifelike than reality
through CG compositing after actual S3D VR shooting

Capturing situations that are impossible for human filming, and then synthesizing
CG to create a virtual reality content that is more lifelike than productions entirely created with CG, resulting in a higher level of realism

Portrait photography (Volumetric)

Processing 3D Captured Data

Compositing onto Real Footage

Object and Space Photography

Processing 3D Captured Data
(Photo scan)

Compositing onto Real Footage

8K S3D Live Production

Possessing an exclusive production solution capable of converting
and broadcasting high-resolution S3D stereoscopic videos to real-time VR

As the only company among domestic VR concert platforms and content production
companies with commercialization experience in VR live, we possess the capability for real-time correction,
achieving a correction rate of less than 0.1% pixel deviation


3D stereoscopic

addition of
CG effects

VR platform
broadcastingVENTA X
In-house platform

Multi-user simultaneous experience

VR that allows multiple users to experience simultaneously

Unlike traditional immersive VR experiences that required complex equipment and space,
limiting it to single-user interactions, our VR system allows easy operation with just one PC and enables simultaneous experiences for up to 100 people

CMS is used in various fields such as industry, healthcare, offline screenings of VR performances, and more

Patent No. 10-2404623
A method and system for managing VR video to allow multiple users to watch simultaneously.


Possessing distinctive production experience in the field of Volumetric,
a core technology in Mixed Reality (MR)

With experience in producing over 200 volumetric projects,
VENTA VR possesses its lightweight technology, allowing optimization through plug-in applications
for the entire process from planning to shooting and source management

High-capacity, maximum-quality
data capture

Volumetric CODEC converting through
VENTA VR's proprietary lightweight technology

Data compression at half the size
while maintaining the same quality

Volumetric Lightweight Technology

While traditional 'Volumetric' technology faced limitations in utility due to large capacity and resource demands,
our in-house developed lightweight technology allows optimization for various platforms such as VR, web, and game engines, making 'Volumetric' usage possible


Using photogrammetry production technology to scan spaces,
enabling the digitization of real-world environments

For promotional purposes, a Metaverse solution tailored to customer needs that enables
the implementation of real spaces and objects. It is optimized and lightweight, making it applicable to various devices (PC, Mobile, VR HMD)

Photogrammetry production technology

Photo+Lidar Scan

3D matching and formation


Metaverse production cases


Virtual education and travel content DUUDUU


EBS Metaverse exhibition VOICE


Dobong District Office
Career Counseling Metaverse