As the leading global production with 2,000+ content commercialization experiences,
we pioneer a new world with hyper-realistic VR content

Selected as a Leading
Company in Seoul's
2023 Growth Industries
Selected as
K-Baby Unicorn
Awarded the 2021
Red Dot Design Award
Grand Prize in
'Brand & Communication'

Metaverse Exhibition

Invited to the
2021 SXSW
VR Film Section

Realtime VR Content

Invited to the
VR Competition Section
of the 80th Venice
International Film Festival

Comfort Women Series
by the U.S. Military
[American town]

Invited to the
VR Competition Section
of the 78th Venice
International Film Festival

Comfort Women Series
by the U.S. Military

Best VR Story
at the 74th Venice
International Film Festival

Comfort Women Series
by the U.S. Military


Starting as the first generation of domestic virtual reality,
we have advanced 3D VR production technology and grown into a global company.

First Generation
of 3D VR Content

Gaining a Competitive Edge
in Technological Capabilities

Awarded Best VR Story at the
74th Venice International Film Festival
Outsourcing production for organizations
such as UNICEF, Samsung Electronics,
SBS and Kumho Asiana
Launching our in-house production,
the first domestic S3D VR drama
SBS [Astro Idol Drama]
Selected for the New Technology
Production Support Program
- Korea creative content agency
- National IT industry promotion agency
2015 ~ 2017
Successful seed investment
Record-breaking global
Securing our own solutions

Recognized for global competitiveness
in the 3D VR field

KOSME selected for the [Youth Startup Academy]
Development of S3D VR Filming Devices
[RIG for 360-degree Stereoscopic Filming]
RAPA [Development of 5G-Based 3D VR LIVE Solution] Selection for Support Program
Securing High-Definition Stereoscopic
VR LIVEProduction Technology
Attracting Seed Investment for LG U+
Producing over 1,000 VR and AR contents
for companies like LG U+, Google X, SM Ent, SBS PLUS and more
2018 ~ 2019
Global Expansion
and Entry into Multi-VR
Education and Metaverse

Global Top Positioning, Technological
Advancements, and Business Diversification

Invitation to the Venice International Film Festival for the U.S. Military Comfort Women Series [Soyosan]
Launching the business of a solution, [VENTA CMS] that enables simultaneous VR video education for a large audience
Beta release of the VR LIVE performance platform [VENTA X]
(featuring concerts Jang Beom-jun, April,Punch)
Awarded the 2020 Mobile Entertainment Innovation Prize at MWC (U+ AR)
Selling in-house produced VR content overseas (with sales reaching $22 million)
Launch of Metaverse History Education [DUUDUU]
EBS [VOICE] Awarded the Grand Prize at the 2021 Red Dot Awards
Selected as one of the Top 1,000 Innovative Companies in the Country
2020 ~ 2021
Full-scale initiation of the
K-POP Global S3D VR
Performance Project

Expanding Business Operations
in B2B and B2C Sectors

VENTA X Original [8K 3D VR MUSIC CINEMA] Content Service
VENTA X K-POP Series [THE SHOW] Stage Video Content Service
Launch and Enhancement of the 8K 3D VR Content APP [VENTA X] on the META QUEST&PICO
Selected for the K-Baby Unicorn 2022 by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and KOREA START UP KISED
Expanding into the B2B sector with Industrial Safety VR Content and Medical VR Content [VENTA CMS]
Secured patents for 4 types of 3D VR productio and live streaming technologies (As of 2023)
2022 ~

BE REAL 2027

Our vision is to grow into the largest production and distribution company serving VR original content worldwide, aiming to establish a global standard for immersive content production technology.


We are on a mission to connect the four-dimensional reality of spacetime to virtual reality, enabling a new 5D experience. By integrating cutting-edge technologies adaptable to immersive content, we aim to create content in a new dimension.


VENTA VR has experience in creating VR content across various genres, including safety education, kids' content, entertainment, and sports. We have collaborated with many global companies such as ByteDance, Google, HUAWEI, and more.


A B2B service providing VR multi-user
experience solutions tailored to corporate clients'
needs, offering safety education content.


Offering B2C services by licensing
original content created with VENTA VR's
unique technological expertise, including a variety
of pre-produced 3D VR content.


B2B outsourcing service
that collaborates with businesses
having VR production needs to create
content across various genres.