TECHNOLOGY VENTAVR is not only planning and producing contents but is also preparing new technologies
for a new era by developing and combining technologies of various fields

    • S3D Production Technology
    • Volumetric AR
    • 5G: S3D VR LIVE
    • Multi-simultaneous Experience
    S3D Production Technology
    Difference in immersion S3D technology One and only company in South Korea fully implements S3D technology.

    S3D VR One-Stop System

    Volumetric AR
    Implement a variety of high-cost, high-risk situations with CG that which are hard to experience in real-life.
    You can experience your imagination with VR through CG.
    • Production CG AR based on Volumetric.
      Implement VR that can interact through Unreal-based game engine.
    • 6DOF content creation with volumetric AR source
      Creates and develops 6DOF contents by using AR source and additional CG for parts that cannot be filmed in reality
    5G: S3D VR LIVE
    Concerts enjoyed without physical contact
    Various performances and events can be experienced via live VR.
    Ultra High Definition S3D VR LIVE
    We support on-site VR live at various events with VENTAVR’s UHD S3D VR live technology that is different from existing 360° 2D VR live.
    transmission using 5G network
    Ultra High Definition
    Production Workflow
    Multi-channel S3D VR
    Junction System
    Stereoscopic 3D
    stabilization system
    Multiple audio source
    control systems
    Control data transfer
    based on
    streaming environment
    Support shooting equipment
    suitable for the environment
    Provide real-time title caption
    and PIP (2D/3D)

    Various experience
    in producing UHD S3D VR LIVE

    • 2020. 04 Applied Zoom VR function to Forte di Quattro concert at Sejong Cultural Center

      2020. 04 Applied Zoom VR function to Millennium Symphony at Sejong Cultural Center

    • 2020. 03 Applied Live Chatting function to BJ Gyeoul(YouTuber) online broadcasting

      2020. 03 Applied Zoom VR function to Gyeonggi Pops Ensemble performance

    • 2020. 12 Broadcasted Chinese martial arts live in 3D VR with China Mobile

      2020. 12 Applied animation 3D VR closed caption technology to V-League Women broadcasting

      2020. 12 Applied 4-Channel Camera Switching to V-League Men broadcasting

    • 2019. 10 Broadcasted Seoul International Fireworks Festival live in VR combing 2D PIP and 3D VR

    • 2019. 09 Broadcasted the World Billiards Championship live in 3D VR

    Multi-simultaneous Experience
    Ability of simple use when VR concurrent experience is required
    A concurrent experience system that can control up to 100 units per tablet
    • 01
      VR training where many can
      experience at the same time
      Unlike the existing hands-on VR training, which required
      complex equipment and space, up to 100 people
      can be trained simultaneously through one tablet PC.
    • 02
      Easy-control by anyone
      Even people who are not familiar with VR devices can proceed
      with the training without difficulty with simple operation.
    • 03
      Easily train anywhere
      Simple components enable unrestricted training.
      VR education can be easily conducted anywhere,
      such as construction sites and outdoors without electricity.
    • 04
      Improve educational effectiveness
      with vividness
      Through the best VR production technology in Korea,
      various VR education materials can be made.
      In addition, various VR textbooks can be produced/added
      that can be linked to existing training materials.