ABOUT US VENTAVR is a 3D VR STUDIO with leading technology
capable of carrying out both content planning and production in the global VR market.

    VENTAVR is a 3D VR studio
    that can perform both content planning and production.
    With the best experts in the industry, we have built a 3D VR One-Stop System covering a wide scope of tasks from pre-production specialized for VR and production process utilizing independently developed VR rig to post-production requiring 3D effects and elaborate stitching work.

    In addition, we provide differentiated tangible content services in various fields such as 3D VR LIVE solution, CMS, and AR production using volumetric technology.

    VENTAVR co-produced Bloodless (2017, directed by Kim Gina, Korean title: Dongducheon), a VR film which received the Best VR Story award at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, and attracted seed investment in 2018. Since then, VENTAVR is actively collaborating with multinational conglomerates (LGU+, Google, Huawei, China Telecom, DMM, etc.) to produce original contents.

    Currently, VENTAVR is producing tangible ‘Ultra High Definition 3D VR’ and ‘Volumetric AR’ contents suitable for 5G and is constantly taking challenges for global advancement and new opportunities by researching technologies in new areas.

    We invite you to the world of VENTAVR that is always new and amazing.

    Tel : +82-2-2132-5554
    E-Mail : staff@ventavr.com
    • Planning Team
      Coordinates the entire process of the work planning
      stage, including the establishment of project concept
      and development of story specialized for VR,
      and performs the role of leading the project to a successful outcome.
    • Content Development Team
      Implements and develops various functions through
      programming to ensure richer implementation of
      VR and AR contents.

    • Production Team
      Directs all technologies on the production site
      based on abundant knowledge and
      know-how of video production technology
      and is in charge of shooting-based R&D.

    • Post-Production Team
      Produces differentiated high-quality images through
      post-production know-how consisting of stabilization
      and elaborate stitching via 3D correction using
      independently-developed technologies in VR images.

    • Management Support Team
      Provides support for sound company growth by
      continuously checking performance and
      identifying risk factors and improving them.
      Operates the firm to achieve management goals
      by improving business capabilities
      and establishing management plans.